Beach                                 Includes Beach Bus and Life Guard Schedules

BEACH TAGS UPDATE (May 2019) Please be advised that Bonnet Shores residents will once again be required to show their beach tags to gain entrance to Kelly Beach this summer. There are NO new tags being issued. Tags which were originally distributed are to be used. If you have lost or misplaced your tag(s), you may show any document which has your Bonnet address printed on it (i.e. drivers license, tax bill, utility bill, etc.) to gain access. For additional information or any questions, please contact the District Manager at (401) 789-4540
Only Bonnet Shores residents and their guests are permitted to access Kelly Beach. Security guards are on duty to verify residency. Kelly Beach is only accessible via the beach entrance located on Dunes Road. Accessing the beach by trails, dunes, etc. is strictly prohibited. There is no parking at any time on Dunes Road. Those wishing to "drop off" may do so at the entrance/walkway to the beach. Security guards are authorized to notify police and/or an authorized tow company for any vehicle left in the area for longer than 10 minutes. (JUL 2015)
BEACH TAGS are now required to access Kelly Beach. Tags will be required for weekends only. All Bonnet Shores households will be provided 2 tags. Beach tags must be shown to the security guard on duty when entering the beach. There is no limit to the amount of people who enter per tag. You may also show your Bonnet Shores Beach Club pass or any other form of identification that has your Bonnet Shores address to gain entry. (JUN 2017).  Thank you! 
BEACH BUS: 2019 Beach Bus Route and Schedule: ◊ 2019 Beach Bus Schedule and Route


Kelly Beach: Weekdays and Saturdays: 10 AM - 5:00 PM  |  Sundays and Holidays: 10 AM - 5:30 PM

Little Beach: Weekdays and Saturdays: No Lifeguard        |  Sundays and Holidays: No Lifeguard
* Swim at your own risk when no lifeguards on duty!
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2019 Beach Openings: Kelly Beach
>  Open weekends only June 15/16 and 22/23
Full Lifeguard Coverage begins June 29th through Labor Day. (No SHutle Bus Service on Labor Day)  
>  Please pick up any litter and take any trash home with you.
>  Trash receptacles are not available at the beach.
>  Dogs are not permitted on the beaches from May 15th thru September 15th!
Please be aware that there are NO DOGS allowed on both Kelly and Little Beach when they are officially open. This is a Bonnet Ordinance. We have alerted the Narragansett dog officer that the ordinance is now in effect. Please abide by this ordinance as residents enjoy our beaches for the summer. Thank you for your cooperation.