Safety  - Security                                  


   >  Please remember that, for safety reasons, there is no street parking in Bonnet Shores though out the year.
   >  We have seen an increase in parking violations along the causeway. Violators are subject to ticketing.
   >  Violators will be ticketed and/or towed.A vehicle is in violation if any part of the vehicle is in the road.


R.I. Law prohibits the use of GOLF CARTS on ALL public roadways. The Narragansett Police Department has asked that we remind people that only legally registered, licensed and insured golf carts are permitted to be driven on public roadways. Operators must hold a valid drivers license or driving permit. All rules and regulations associated with the issuance of licenses and permits are applicable, including but not limited to, the requirement of a licensed adult driver being present at all times the cart is in operation. All golf carts are required to have working lights and directional reflectors. Police will be patrolling Bonnet Shores and will be issuing tickets and/or summons to those found in violation of any of the aforementioned rules and regulations. (JUL 2015)


When walking/jogging on public roadways in Bonnet Shores, please walk against the traffic and be sure to wear bright or reflective clothing during evening hours. (JUL 2015)


Please trim all roadside shrubbery, hedges and bushes back at least 5 feet from the road to allow clear visibility of the road ahead and a place for walkers encountering moving motor vehicles. Town of Narragansett Ordinance regarding corner blind spots. (Roads Committtee)
Also please be mindful of overgrowth encroaching upon your neighbors property.


The Town of Narragansett requires a burning permit for any burning on the beaches or in yards. ◊ Open Burning Laws

Firework are prohibited in Bonnet Shores! In accordance with ordinances of the Town of Narragansett and the Bonnet Shores Fire District, there are no fireworks permitted in Bonnet Shores.

Please be respectful of your neighbors.


When wAs you may know, we have a security guard that patrols on weekends most of the year. He patrols all the streets of Bonnet and also checks the Little Beach, Kelly Beach, the Point and Community Center. He ensures that illegally parked cars are towed, no loitering, no drivers are driving drunk, and approaching homes that are having a loud party, or any other criminal act. He can warn residents having a loud party to please quiet down but he cannot call it into the police.

Only the homeowner can do that due to a Narragansett ordinance. The district has spoken to the town manager, the president of the town council and the police chief to allow the guard to call the loud parties in, but again due to the ordinance, it can’t be done. Chief Corrigan has asked that we notify homeowners that if the attempts of the guard are not successful to quiet the party, to please call in the complaint to the police department if you are still being disturbed. The call will remain anonymous. All the other criminal acts will be covered by the security guard.

(DEC 2016)


It will be a great help to the Narragansett Fire Department and a potentially life-saving activity for you, your family, and your neighbors if you would take 10 minutes of your time and shovel out the fire hydrant in front of your house. The fire department's ability to make a quick connection to the nearest hydrant is vitally important. to their life and property protection efforts. Even a minute delay (and it would take them longer than that to clear the hydrant they need to use) can mean the difference between a life lost and a life saved, or the complete destruction of your property and damage confined to one room. Please, if you care to, shovel out your nearest hydrant.